Case study for myFlix Application


The myFlix Web Application consists of a backend database built with MongoDB, it was Tested with Postman, and deployed to Heroku. This custombuilt API uses Node.js and REST architecture.
The front end of the application makes use of React to display the information fetched from the database in a single page application. The main view displays a list of movies which the user can select various links to display additional information about the movie itself, the diretor, or the genre.
The user can also make their own login and store their favorites from the list of movies in their own profile database.


myFlix was a part of the Career Foundry Web Development Course. Making use of the MERN tech stack (MongoDB, Express JS, React JS/Redux, and NodeJS) I learned how to build a custom API and database with a list of movies I selected. I then learned how to access the database and display the information in an attractive single page application.


The main objective with this project was to build and access a database with the Mern Tech stack and to learn as much as possible along the way. I found that each component of the MERN stack could be a career in itself. I spent my time in this exercise analyzing each component and step to determine if it was one that I could spend my career in. I used this porject as a testing ground for where I would like to spend my developer energy.


The approach to this project was to take the time necessary to build each component methodically and to ensure that each was working correctly before moving on to the next. After all, what good is a front end to access a database if the API doesn't access the database correctly? While in this approach I was able to go through each stages nuances and really assess what parts brought me the greatest sense of satisfaction.


The challenges to this project were fairly routine I should think. Code not working then finding I had misused or referenced a node incorrectly. Simply fixes that come with development. I found the database side to be incredibly exciting. When it worked it just worked. Which is fantastic.
So perhaps the biggest challenge through this project was the styling component. Styling is what I enjoy themost about any project. Taking a solution and making it as visually appealing as possible is where I have found I like to live.
Where the challenge comes in is there is a side of my brain that really enjoys when something just functions, pure and simple - black and white. I find teh simple functionality to be a gratifying end to my work. The other side of my brain, however; screams to design and tweak something just a bit more to make it look really good. In my case I sometimes find that I either rush a bit of functional code in order to get to the styling, or I spend more time on the function of the code that by the time I get to the styling I just want to be finished.
The end of this train of thought is that I either need to focus my attention in the area I get the most fulfillment out of. Or I need to split into two different people.


Role: Lead Developer

Tutor: Ebere Iweala

Mentor: John Behan