Case study for Pokedex Application


The Pokedex app was built using mostly Javascript. A bit of HTML and CSS were employed for the display but Javascript is responsible for integrating the pokemon database and fetching all of the data to display.


The Pokedex was a part of the Career Foundry Web Development Course. The idea was to gain familiarity with the way Javascript can take the design layouts of HTML and CSS and make them come alive with interactivity.


My objective with this project was to tinker. I was familiar with HTML and CSS coming into this project and I had the beginning understanding of Javascript. I wanted to explore what Javascript could do in the this realm. Still, I feel I've just barely scratched the surface.


The process for this project was not dissimilar to baking a cake for the first time. Obviously others have come before me and done a bang up job of baking said cake but as my first run I had to do a lot of following directions.
As much as I felt I could, I would explore tangents of precesses while going through them. I tried to explore what would happen if I made small tweaks to the code. Ihave to admit a lot of my exploring on this project was incredibly timid.


Challenges in this project were mostly personal. I tend to have a very high standard for myself and it became difficult at times to realize I just didn't know how to make the design work in the way I had in my head. I ended up doing a lot of rereading of processes in order to make sense of what I needed to do to make a function work a certain way. I had to push through the frustration that comes with being new to something and just keep trying. Through persistence, this strategy pays off in a huge way. This was a simple project but I learned quite a bit through it.


Role: Lead Developer

Tutor: Ebere Iweala

Mentor: John Behan